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Ever wondered Who Invented the things around us? Welcome to the database of interesting inventions in existence today.

We started The Invented database in Jan 2022 so please be patient for updates. We usually update it 5 days a week and we recommend you join our mailing list for daily updates on cool inventions added to the database. While some of our articles contain famous inventors such as Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell we really want to focus on interesting and fun inventions such as popular foods and things we use in everyday life.

Top inventors don’t always need to be famous ones, sometimes it’s the things such as Pizza that we value more than science-based inventions like the light bulb. We’re also working on the best black inventors list so keep a lookout for that.

Perhaps you’re an inventor yourself and want information on how to get a patent or submit your information to the patent office. This is something we’re looking to add in the future as well.

Without further delays – Please check out the top inventions and inventors of all time.



























FAQ | The Invented - Who Invented


Can I recommend a topic or invention?
Yes, if you want us to write about a certain invention for you please contact us and let us know your idea. We’ll add it to our queue and get to it as quickly as we can.

Do you provide sources for your articles?
Sources are sometimes added to articles if it makes sense. If you’re doing a research article you are welcome to cite our website as your source. Alternatively, you can reach out to us if you want to know where we sourced our information for the specific invention.

How accurate is your information?
We go to extreme lengths to ensure our information is up to date and correct. All topics are fully researched and our information is kept up to date at all times. Should you find something that is not accurate please contact us to let us know and we’ll investigate the issue and make changes if necessary.

Who are the top inventors of all time?
Great Question! This is a question that is up for debate and is impossible to answer. While the inventor of the telephone is extremely important to our history, so is the inventor of socks. Imagine that cold frosty night, feet freezing and you’re just laying there wishing you had something to keep you warm. Now imagine you live in Bali and you can’t sleep because it’s so hot, I bet the inventor of the ceiling fan would be your hero.

As you can see, the best for you is not the best for everybody. We may look to add a voting system to our website so people can cast their vote on their favorite inventors and favorite inventions. Until then you’ll have to do your best to decide who is the best in history.

How can I search for something?
In our top navigational bar, you will find a little magnifying glass. Feel free to click on this and look up anything you need. While I search feature was not coded by the world’s best scientists or programmers it does do a good job of finding exactly what you need.

Can I use your information for a commercial project?
The use of our content is possible but you will need to contact us to discuss the terms. We take plagiarism very seriously and the copying of our content or materials is not suggested without our written consent.

Can I link to your database from my website or social media?
Yes, of course! In fact, we’d love it if you did so. We work on this database and want as many people around the world to see it. Feel free to link to us via your website or social media accounts then let us know you’ve done so. You’ll be our hero!

Where is your company from?
Our company is from America but we have team members all around the world. We all love technology and adding a list of who invented things to a huge database is very exciting for us.

Has anyone on your team invented something?
Great question! To be honest, no. While we all wish we had invented something, none of us has done so yet. We aren’t scientists but we would love to develop something. With all things in the modern-day you usually require a large amount of capital or credit so if anyone wants to sponsor us so we can follow our invention dreams please let us know ?

Why did you start this project?
We’ve always been fascinated by who invented what, when, why and how. We knew there were plenty of online resources when it comes to inventions but we found them to be old, outdated and not a true master database. We’ve come across a few new websites since starting this project and the information they provide isn’t correct a large amount of the time.

While we may not be the fastest to release new content, we do our best to make sure our articles are of high quality and 100% accurate.

Can I get Involved?
Maybe! Do you love research? Are you an expert in something? Contact us and we can have a chat. Please be advised that we do not offer paid job positions to anyone.