Who Invented The Dab?

Ever wondered who invented the dab? What is dabbing? The dab, or the dab as it is sometimes known, is a move that has gained popularity in the past year and involves crossing your arms over your chest in a salute-like position. 

You reach your arm out in front of your chest, then bend it at the elbow, pushing your hand back up by the ear to create an elongated V shape. As part of the same gesture, your other arm extends outward in a straight line. Traditionally, both arms are in place at this point, and the head descends down in a bow motion while remaining straight – it’s the same pose you will make when sneezing into your elbow!

But who invented this iconic move that everyone was going crazy about in 2016? Let’s have a look!

Hint – it wasn’t Jake Paul

Origin of Dab

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dab_(dance)

The trend is believed to have been originated from the Georgia rap scene and hip hop scene in Atlanta. The rap group Migos and a few other hip hop scene artists who collaborate on their songs started it. Cam Newton quickly picked up the dance move by featuring it in his mixtapes and music videos, just as artists popularized the Nae Nae move.

There is however some disagreement among several Atlanta hip hop artists and collectives regarding who invents this dance move. Some say it was Skippa Da Flippa, while some want to give the credit to Rich The Kid and Metro Boomin. Cool names – is all that we have to say!

What does dabbing mean?

Despite the fact that dabbing appears to be just a cute dance move, there is actually a deeper and darker meaning behind it.

Dab slang is also a term for smoking butane hash oil in order to extract 90 percent of the drug’s active ingredient, THC. There are some who say the dab dance move represents sneezing, something that often happens when people take a lot of cannabis. Yikes!

How to Dab

If you did not jump on the dab dance bandwagon a few years back when it became mainstream popular and do not know how to do it properly, follow the steps listed below!

  1. Raise your arms straight out from your shoulders so that they extend straight from your sides. Next, bend one arm in towards your body as if sneezing into your hand, while keeping the other arm straight.
  2. Next, tuck your head under and then touch your forehead to your bent arm area. This will make you feel like you are sneezing into your sleeve or wiping sweat from your brow. Straighten out your arm after dabbing your forehead on it and keep the other arm straight.
  3. Put your head close to your elbow, give it a few quick bangs, then straighten your arm out and switch sides. Then snap your head forward towards your elbow but make sure that you don’t bang your head too hard. If you are concerned with it, then skip this step.
  4. You can switch sides since you can repeat the dab on either side multiple times. After switching sides, repeat the same dabbing motion with your other arm.
  5. Switch between the two according to the music.
  6. Dabbing is done with the upper body and moving the lower body as you please. Then step around, sway your hips, or hop.
  7. Other moves that you can do between dabs include waving your fists in the air or moving your arms forward and backward. Make sure to enjoy yourself!

Dabbing in the modern day

Due to YouTubers like Jake Paul and the inclusion of the dance as a taunt in Fortnite, the dance has gained its own identity. Dancing is no longer just for fun; it is a way to celebrate cool things. In both cases, kids are doing it to impress their friends, while adults are doing it to demonstrate their knowledge of young person culture (mostly ironically). Perhaps it will end up being relegated to history like the bottle flip but in a different way.

Who invented the DAB dance?

Jeremy Hill introduced the move, but Cam Newton sparked the craze, so if you would like to give credit where credit is due, it goes to Newton. Later, Jeremy Hill & the professional football players adopted it in the National Football League and the rest is history.

Fun fact – Even Lebron James from the Los Angeles lakers tried it!

Why is it called dabbing?

A dance move known as ‘dabbing’ has its origins in the Atlanta, Georgia rap scene. The term dab, dab dance or dabbin’, refers also to a dance move believed to originate in Atlanta, Georgia’s rap scene, as well as a term that refers to someone who is confident.

Who popularized dabbing?

The move is attributed to Atlanta rapper Skippa Da Flippa, according to most evidence. The rap group Migos and the artist were at odds over who invented it for a while, but since that time they have given the artist credit.

Is dabbing still cool?

Surprisingly enough, what sounded quite cool just a few years back feels a bit cringy now. Dabbing is probably the easiest dance move out there but is gradually getting outdated from its time at the top as a nationwide dance craze. If you are looking for a cool move that everyone has been loving recently, check out the Electro Shuffle.


Now you know who invented the nationwide dance craze, aka dab dance.

We tried to cover all the relevant information in this guide, and hope that it proved to be informative for you. If you have any dab dance related information that you think might benefit the readers of this article, feel free to let us know. Now feel free to check out our full list of invention information here.

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