Who Invented Glasses?


Who invented glasses? During the 13th century in Italy, Salvino D’Armati is said to have invented eyeglasses. The idea began …

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Who Invented Pancakes?

who invented pancakes

Who invented pancakes? There is evidence that our stone-age forefathers enjoyed pancakes over 30,000 years ago. Of course, there was …

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Who Invented Soccer?

Who Invented Soccer

Who invented soccer? Soccer, also known as football is the second-most popular sport among the youth of America – almost …

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Who Invented Paper?

who invented paper

Who invented paper? Throughout history, people have written long before paper was invented. Paper was made from a variety of …

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Who Invented Clothes?

Who Invented Clothes

Clothing protects from environmental hazards and even allows you to express your personal styles, but it wasn’t always like this. …

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