Who Invented Deodorant?

Who invented deodorant

Ever wondered who invented deodorant? For many modern individuals, it can be hard to imagine a world without deodorants and …

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Who Invented Scissors?

Who Invented Scissors and when were scissors invented

Ever wondered who invented scissors? Scissors are one of the most common tools we use today. They serve a convenient …

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Who Invented Socks?

Who Invented Socks

Socks seem like a small part of our overall wardrobe, but did you know that the history of socks is …

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Who Invented Candy?

Who Invented Candy

While not everyone has a sweet tooth, those of us who do understand just how tempting a bar of chocolate …

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Who Invented Pizza?

Who Invented Pizza

Pizza was invented by the Italians and its origins date back over 7000 years. What we know today as “pizza” …

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Who Invented Tongs?

who invented tongs

Tongs were thought to be invented by Egyptians around 1450BC. They were well known for using long metal rods and …

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